IT production from Odenhausen is through years of practical experience grown company and we are well versed in dealing with all media on the market.

  • Whether in the new multi-media in its digital forms with emphasis on the Internet, the traditional print media, the telecommunications or information technology, we develop projects according to the wishes of our customers.
  • Our advantage lies in our diversity, our innovation and creativity. This will create only an idea, a successfully usable for our customers and make a reality of a name, a company logo, business cards, letterhead and any other promotional material, up to the advertising campaign.
  • We provide this name as an address (domain) on the Internet and set up e-mail addresses, to develop to the highest standards and individual needs a representative and innovative website, an online shop, or a portal, which can be managed, all with a Content Management System (CMS) itself. The necessary space to, we can arrange for a matter of course our service providers, or other providers a.
  • Also the complete office infrastructure we care. Whether communication devices or systems, computers or entire networks, we provide all the necessary equipment, and a judge all train our customers on the devices and associated programs.
  • In addition, we support our customers in all respects, on site or on the phone, sometimes around the clock, and the most unusual times.
  • every project, no matter how big or small, will remain for us always a deliberate challenge.
  • So we bring you further.